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World Class TCPA Auto-Dialer Compliance Solutions

Yes, We work with Members of ACA, ARM, ACCA, NARCA, DCAA, NACM and Many Others!

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" Real-Time Lookups are the ONLY WAY we can comply with the latest TCPA Rulings to ensure that we are auto-dialing the correct number.  One of our partner companies was recently sued due to this exact reason.   You are the only company that provides REAL-TIME reverse phone lookups with Name Matching for 99.9% accuracy so we can be absolutely sure of who we are calling. We are compliant again!"

HCP Recovery,
Dallas, TX

The Solution to TCPA Auto-Dialer Compliance is Here!

 Do you Auto-Dial?  Know Who You Are Calling!
MindWav, LLC Provides Real-Time 99.9% Accurate Reverse Phone Lookups with Name Matching that Gives you Absolute Confidence on Who you are Auto-Dialing

The TCPA Auto-Dialer Compliance Solution:

  • Scrub your Auto-Dialer Lists for 99.9% Accurate Reverse Phone Lookups and be Absolutely Sure as to Who you are Auto-Dialing.

  • Name Matching Algorithms Built-in for comparison of names (For Example, Liz vs. Lisa vs. Elizabeth) with Confidence Scoring of Name Matches.

  • Full Name, Last Name, First Name, Flipped Names (George Michael vs. Michael George) with Confidence Scoring.

  • Cell Phone/Land Line

  • City/State/Zip and Lat/Long Information Available.

  • DNC (Do Not Call) List Scrubbing also Available.

  • Extremely Affordable Rates to coincide with your Compliance Related Efforts.

  • Also Covers TCPA SMS Text Violations.

  • Services available via Batch or Online in Real-Time.

  • Expert Service and Technology.

  • Call us Now at 954-623-7475 and Speak with Paul.


 MindWav, LLC - Your Solution Provider
MindWav, LLC uses Technology Powered by StumpTheMonkey. is a service of MindWav, LLC (The Company) based out of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. is a specialized Reverse Phone Lookup Service designed for Highly-Accurate (99.9% Accuracy) Real-Time Phone Number Lookups.


Our Service hits the Telephone Carriers and Provisioners in Real-Time to ascertain the name for any phone number in the United States or Canada. We return information on ANY connected phone number including Cell Phones, Land Lines, VoIP Lines and more and the data is automatically updated at the carriers within 72 hours of a connect/disconnect. We have data for all the major cell phone carriers including AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, etc. We also have data for all the major VoIP providers including Vonage, Vocalocity, etc.


We provide single reverse phone lookups through our website and Batch Services where we process large numbers of lookups through our automated batch system.


Our StumpTheMonkey product is being used by Investigators, Insurance, Collections, Marketing Agents, Legal Services, and many other types of professionals.


The key to our excellent hit-rates is the ability to hit multiple corroborative data sources to cross-validate the subscriber name. Our results are 99.9% accurate and are only accessed Real-Time.

Powered by StumpTheMonkey Technology
The World's Best Reverse Phone Lookup 
*StumpTheMonkey is a service of MindWav, LLC (THE COMPANY)

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